Dharma Centre Möhra

The Dharma Centre in Möhra is a place for Buddhist studies and meditation, where the teachings of Buddha are taught according to the Karma Kagyu tradition, one of the four great schools of Tibetan Buddhism. In this place, people can receive guidance in training the mind through study, contemplation and meditation.

The spiritual leader of the Möhra Dharma Centre is the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa Thaye Dorje. His representative in Europe is Lama Jigme Rinpoche. The centre is supervised by Dharma teachers of the Dhagpo-Kagyu Mandala who received their training from Lama Gendün Rinpoche in France. During their time in training, all of them have participated in a traditional three-year retreat several times.

The Möhra Dharma Centre is led by Lama Yeshe Sangmo. Lama Yeshe Sangmo (Ilse Pohlan) met her teacher Gendün Rinpoche in 1985. From 1991 to 1997 she completed two traditional three-year retreats under his guidance and received the transmission of the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism during this time. She then spent another year in solitary retreat in the monastic community of Dhagpo Kündröl Ling in Auvergne/France. In 1991 Lama Yeshe Sangmo took the novice vows and in 2000 the Gelongma nun vows.

Together with Lama Djangschub, Lama Irene, Lama Sherab Palmo, Lama Yangchen, and Lama Tsültrim Wangmo, who are also living in Möhra and also took the Gelongma nun vows in 2000, they uphold the tradition of the vow ceremony.

They all participate in joint pujas and meditation days at the Möhra Dharma Centre and lead seminars at the Dharma Centre and Dhagpo Kagyu Mandala Germany.

Lama Yeshe Sangmo is also a board member of the Karmapa Foundation Möhra and is committed to networking the nuns of the Karma Kagyu tradition in East and West.


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