We would like to provide news and information about the subject of "Women and Buddhism" to interested people in Europe.

On this website we collect experiences of women, preserve them and pass them on to as many people as possible, so that they can also draw inspiration and courage to find their way.

Our network is associated with the European Buddhist Union (EBU). In France it is associated with the French Buddhist Union (UBF) and in Germany with the German Buddhist Union (DBU).

The trilingual form is only a beginning for hopefully more European languages to appear on this platform with the same information plus additional news on "Women and Buddhism" in their respective countries.

Many correspondents of this website are active members of the Sakyadhita International Association of Buddhist Women. In addition, all those who are interested in "Women and Buddhism" are invited to join and help us with this important task.

Since the time of the Buddha, women have been deeply inspired by and gained strength in Buddhist practice. Although the full ordination of women was introduced by the Buddha himself, it unfortunately has not been accepted everywhere. In their development towards full enlightenment, women have often passed on their experiences by unconventional means.

To provide equality of opportunities, access to higher education and medical and material welfare, many social projects have been created which we are documenting here.

In the section "Documentation" we present the important and multifaceted work that Buddhist women have achieved as teachers, authors of books, texts and articles.

There are many texts to be translated, information to be collected and much social assistance is needed. This is a tremendous task that needs the support of many people. We are looking forward to your personal contribution.

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